Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Scooter update 3

Scooter is still floating and flapping. He's got a few functional and health challenges, but looking at his wing-flapping, see below, maybe he'll make a go of it. Landing might be even worse than trying to fly if he ever gets of the water...
His foot is badly damaged, and you can see the deterioration here. I suppose it might just fall off sometime. At the bottom, one of his parents shows us just how serious it is being responsible for six children, including one with a disability and a poor attitude.

Scooter standing on one leg
Scooter showing his growing wings
Scooter's damaged left leg
Scooter's damaged left foot now has an actual hole in it
Adult swan looking serious

Scooter update 2

Scooter in relaxed weed-eating mood
Scooter comes and says hello
Scooter's foot started to look dead a little while ago, see later photos
Scooter does a lot of the neck-stretch calling, actually he often seems to start making a noise and all the other follow him somewhere. It's probably the character trait that got him stuck in the fishing line originally.
Scooter on a still river

Scooter update 1

The swans arrive one morning
Sccoter (front) and a sibling enjoy some yummy weed...
Scooter and his dud leg
Three of Scooter's siblings preen on a log. Scooter struggles to do this, but see a later photo of him standing