Thursday, 22 March 2007

Protest at Parliament today

Great protest today at P(p)arliament (I'm inclined to write that without a capital right now). Peter Cundall, Vica Bailey, Peg Putt and all were very convincing. No hysteria, just a lot of cool, calm, rational people who want to see democracy and due process deal with the pulpmill on its merits, of which it appears to have few. We are the national laughing stock at the moment. Very sad. Some pictures below. Tomorrow we will win the cricket, but have we lost something more important?

Pulpmill protest, Parliament House, ROYAL COMMISSION sign - 22 Mar 2007

Pulpmill protest finishing, Parliament House - 22 Mar 2007

Sign, Pulpmill protest, Parliament House 'Dioxin Dictator Dumps Democracy' - 22 Mar 2007

Alex Wadsley raises some interesting legal points about the pulpmill approval bill here, which I hope will garner some cogent responses. The bill (PDF, 1.93MB) is a tacky, cheap, rushed, piece of s--t. Anyone who votes for this should be ashamed of themselves. When will we see some honest public servants emerge to tell us some useful truths behind all this? We can hope. They can squirm. Worms!

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