Monday, 9 April 2007

Forestry's belated Easter gift to Tasmanians

Easter Monday was a beautiful day, sunny, clear, warm, breezy. No work! Wonderful, let's go out, do a bit of easy bushwalking with the kids. But wouldn't you know it, FT have taken the opportunity to burn several coupes in the southern forests.

View from Port Huon, Forestry burns - 9 April 2007
The view from Port Huon was pretty ordinary - what was a nice sunny day further north, was dull and smoke-ravaged south of Geeveston. The stiff breeze was blowing the smoke eastwards, and the sky looked awful.

View towards Hartz Mts, obscured by Foresty burns - 9 April 2007
The Hartz Mountains, normally making an attractive view on the skyline were largely hidden by billowing smoke.

Forestry burn close by along Arve Rd - 9 April 2007
Along the Arve Rd towards the Arve River, a coupe was burning behind a fairly narrow band of trees. The smoke was very dense, and when the topmost branches of one of the tallest trees in this photo caught alight, we decided to leave, unsure where the blaze might head next. I'm not sure the trees surrounding "regeneration burns" are supposed to catch alight. It didn't seem to get out of control, but this is very close to the "storm damage" site where a previous burn did get out of control.

And here is Isaac's shot of the fire in the top of the trees. Well done Isaac. This is quite a zoom, sorry for the quality!

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