Sunday, 13 May 2007

Cathedral Rock - 12 May 2007

View to Collins Bonnet from Cathedral Rock - 12 May 2007Climbed Cathedral Rock on Saturday afternoon. Map of walk here. Lovely sunny day, but cold in the shade. The warmth induced by the climb dealt with the chill in the air however, and it was very still on top. The view up the valley of the Northwest Bay River, and beyond to Collins Bonnet, is pretty spectacular, and well worth the effort of climbing up.
South-westerly view from Cathedral Rock, with burn smoke - 12 May 2007
Less spectacular was the smear of dirty brown smoke across the southern and western views, seemingly courtesy of a burn in the Derwent Valley somewhere. Anyway, I couldn't see the source of it, which seemed to be further north than can be viewed from Cathedral Rock. Thanks Forestry Tasmania, another beautiful, still, clear, warm, autumn day, marred by your smoke. You could perhaps forgive them if they made a proper profit.

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