Saturday, 16 June 2007

Mt Wellington - 16 June 2007

The slopes above the southern end of the Organ Pipes, Mt Wellington, viewed from the ZigZag Track - 16 June 2007Cold day on the mountain today, but it was nice when out of the wind, and even better when also in the sun. The wind on top was icy cold, although not too strong. The BOM observations history said it got up to 3.8 degrees. Didn't feel like it!

Map refers. Walked up the ZigZag Track, and intended to return the same way, however it was very icy on the upper parts of the track, and I didn't relish slip-sliding back down it. Returned via the Panorama Track and the Chalet, which makes a nice circuit for most of the walk. The Panorama Track was a little icy and muddy, but not too bad. This requires a road walk to the top of the Panorama Track, which is OK because the road is quite wide and visibility is good. The lower road walk from the Panorama Track to the Chalet is trickier, and care is required to get out of the way of vehicles which appear rapidly around tight corners.

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