Sunday, 15 July 2007

South Arm 1 - 15th July 2007

After a hope of a walk in the snow on Mt Wellington was dashed by the persistent rain, and generally unpleasant conditions, I went off to South Arm. Got some rain and drizzle at times, but this made for some interesting light, photographically. The walk along Hope Beach is interesting, if slowed by soft sand and the steepness of the beach. This does not look like a good beach for a swim! Squalls swept in across Storm Bay quite regularly, but it was very nice in the sun while it shone.

Betsey Island and Black Jack Rocks from the Goats Bluff Lookout - 14 July 2007
Black Jack Rocks are where Bob Clifford managed to land his catamaran during high-speed trials. The rocks are swept by the waves at high tide.
Calverts Beach (Goats) from Goats Bluff, Cape Contrariety beyond - 14 July 2007
Calverts Beach is said to be good for surfing.
Rainbow and Little Betsey Island, from Hope Beach - 14 July 2007
Hope Beach - 14 July 2007
Hope Beach is named after the "Hope", wrecked on the beach on Sunday April 29th, 1827. In his book "Walk into History in Southern Tasmania", David Leaman advances the theory that this was caused by magnetic anomalies below the water's surface south east of the Iron Pot. The light (The Derwent Light) was installed five years later, and removed the need to rely on compass bearings when entering the Derwent.
Rocks between Hope Beach and Cape Direction, Iron Pot beyond - 14 July 2007The "Iron Pot" was originally the Derwent Lighthouse, or Derwent Light. The common name may be a reference to the former use of these rocks for processing whales. There were substantial buildings located here in times past. The rocks at the end of Hope Beach are quite interesting, and make for a good scramble. They would be a little damp in high seas, no doubt!

Hope Beach - 14 July 2007

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