Tuesday, 30 October 2007

The Egg Islands

The Egg Islands, photographed from Trestle Mountain
I note that Tasmanian Land Conservancy are seeking to buy 125 ha on the Egg Islands, located in the Huon River estuary. These were the subject of a Stateline item the other day too. I note that the north island contains black gum (E. ovata), which is the alternative food source for the Swift Parrot when blue gum isn't as abundant. There are some good photos in their gallery, but I reckon my swan is better!

Black Swan, Franklin
Jonathan Sturm has a page about the Egg Islands too, with some interesting historical notes.


Anonymous said...

I was really excited to see this Mark because I have long been fascinated by the environmental and cultural values of the islands. I did a project on them when I was doing a diploma course back in 2000 and ended up making a submission to the State Government when they asked for public comment on a Wetlands Strategy for Tas. There's a little bit of info still around on a website created by a Franklin resident Jonathon Sturm. A google search - Egg Islands, Franklin - finds it straight away.
Anyhow, I'm really pleased to see that its values are being recognised and protected.
Oh - and I love your swan photo too.

Mark said...

Thanks for that. I know Jonathan, but I didn't know he had a page on his website about the Egg Islands. I'll put up a link to it.