Saturday, 26 April 2008

Mt Wellington - 26th April 2008

Northerly view from the Organ Pipes Track, Mt Wellington - 26th April 2008Nice walk today on Mt Wellington despite the cool breeze, occasional drizzle and showers and general overcast. The mountain is, as ever, changing with the seasons! It was one of those days where you get very warm walking in more than a thermal top, as long as the wind isn't blowing. Then, when you stop, the breeze picks up, and you get very cold within about five minutes. So you put your jacket on, but even walking on the flat makes you sweat in your nice warm jacket. Oh well, never mind. I have some infirmities, which I hoped would be helped by a good gentle walk. The hip may have bursitis, which is inflammation of the bursa. I have visions of a schoolyard, with a small man in a grey suit running round it on fire. Sorry! I suppose I should now actually go to the doctor. Sounds boring, as does the treatment at that link.

Lichen on dolerite boulder, Hunters Track, Mt Wellington - 26th April 2008I shall have to investigate the lichen. The lichen on these rocks along Hunters Track were interesting. I am unclear what the circular patterns are or why they might grow like that. I think the books about these things are quite expensive - I suppose it's a quite specialised area of study.

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