Sunday, 3 February 2008

Bird's Nest

Bird's nest - 3rd February 2008Now, this is from the garden, but I suspect the bird that made it also inhabits the nearby bush. The kids found this in the garden the other day, fallen from a tree. We were amazed at the affort some small bird had gone to in making it. Uncertain about what sort of bird would have made this, but we have quite a variety of small birds here, despite the cat!

Side of bird's nest - 3rd February 2008The intricacy of the "basket-work" is very impressive, as is the range of materials they collect and work into the structure. The moss included in this one adds a certain decor to the whole thing.

Inside of bird's nest, showing use of wool base - 3rd February 2008Most interesting is the way the bird has incorporated what appears to be tufts of wool into the base of the nest, making a very cosy bed for a newly hatched chick. It's not clear whether it's found the wool on a sheep or from a manufactured item. It does go to show you one more way in which wild animals incorporate the man-made environment into their world. I imagine this is quite useful, keeps the chick warm and comfortable...

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