Monday, 18 February 2008

EucaFlip - "Book" Review

Detail of cover, EucaFlip, Copyright Rob Wiltshire 2007I found this marvellous little identikit for Tasmanian eucalypts, called EucaFlip. It's by Rob Wiltshire and Brad Potts, and is a "Life-size guide to the eucalypts of Tasmania". I was taken by the thought of a "life-sized" guide including the Eucalyptus regnans, so I bought it on impulse. Crikey!! It's only the leaves and fruits that are "life-size". I was dudded! No seriously, this little fold-out is great. It's small and lightweight, and folds out like a map. It seems to have all the Tasmanian eucalypts. (I'm not exactly the utlimate expert, although I do know those eucalypts confuse us by producing naughty mixed species, intermediate between some of the main ones.) It's also covered in plastic and is quite stiff, so it looks like it'll tolerate my usual "care" when out walking. The pictures are great, very clear, and life-size. No guessing: "that picture looks like about 3/4 of the size of that gumnut!". It has a short key based on the number of buds per umbel. Each species guide has life-size pictures of the leaves, both juvenile and adult, plus the buds and capsules. Some include the flowers. For each species there is also a small distribution map and a picture of the bark. All are in vivid colour. The overall impression is very attractive (can I just say my photo of part of the cover doesn't do it justice, it's very well produced, lush and glossy). I got it at Angus and Robertson in Burnie, but I assume it's available lots of places. It was $10 there. Incidentally, A&R in Burnie have a good Tasmaniana section, better than their Hobart shop, and better than Fullers. This guide is published by the School of Plant Science, University of Tasmania, and CRC for Forestry.

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