Sunday, 2 May 2010

Fishers Point - 2nd April 2010

Seaweed, Fishers Point Walk - 2nd April 2010Just now need to update the blog with a few walks from Easter onwards. Been a bit busy to do the obligatory photo processing and typing. Firstly a walk to Fishers Point on Good Friday afternoon. The weather was pretty ordinary. This walk starts at Cockle Creek, right by the whale statue, and is a nice easy and flat walk for days when you don't have much time, the weather is a bit off, or you just don't want to walk 16 kms to South Cape Bay and back. It's good for the kids and older people too, and you don't have to go all the way to enjoy the scenery and the beaches.

Southern Ranges from Fishers Point Walk - 2nd April 2010The walk heads east and north east along the southern coast of Recherche Bay. The beaches are quite sheltered, and afford views of the Southern Ranges. The track is mainly along the beaches, with short trips into the scrub. Towards the end there's a longer section across the headland for a few minutes which emerges just west of Fishers Point.

Ruins of Fishers Point Pilot Station - 2nd April 2010There are some ruins close to the point. The building was originally the Fishers Point Pilot Station, built in 1843 and designed by colonial architect W. P. Kay, who also designed Government House. The building was also used as a pub in the 1850s, when the local population was huge. There were actually two pubs at Fishers Point, both called the Sawyers Arms. Weird. The sign says you shouldn't touch the brickwork, as this will aid conservation. I must say this instruction wasn't evident to me before I checked it out this visit, and I may have broken the rule... I think they could do with a sign by the ruins if they want people to avoid touching the bricks.

Drying seaweed, Fishers Point - 2nd April 2010Fishers Point itself has views from northeast through southeast, and extensive tidepools on the rocks which are worth exploring when the tide is right.

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