Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Hartz Peak - 1st May 2010

Ian Cartmel had some visitors from his Slimfit Group in Frankston who were looking for some exercise. He chose Hartz Peak for them, and invited some locals to join them. A good walk ensued. Some cold breezes cooled the party on the summit and in the early part of the descent. The views were Ok but not as clear as they are at times. Phil "entertained" us with some old jokes at the summit, then proceeded to jog down most of the mountain. Not bad for a bloke of his seniority. But crikey Phil, the hat's appalling. Looks like something from Braveheart, or maybe When The Boat Comes In...

If you Slimfit blokes get sent a link to this, you can see some other photos around Hartz Peak here. Rollover for explanations of the photos.

Isaac explains the concept of track signposts to the Victorians, who are quite amazed at this innovation. 'Hartz Peak is the big one in front of us!'
The crew approach Ladies Tarn
The crew on top of Hartz Peak. Great hat Phil!

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