Sunday, 29 November 2009

East Coast Deluge - 22-23 Sep 2009

Brushy Plains Rivulet, Buckland - 23rd September 2009
Prosser River, Paradise Gorge Dam - 23rd September 2009
I went to Maria Island in September, between the two East Coast deluges on 22nd/23rd and 26th/27th of the month. These are photos on the morning after the first. I'm not sure I've ever noticed the creek at Buckland before, but on this day it was enormous. At the dam on the Prosser River, the locals were all out looking at the flow of water. They were stunned. The rocks in the bottom of the dam had been visible just a day or so earlier. The young bloke helping on the ferry had been fishing off the rocks below the dam the weekend before.

Mt Wellington - 21st September 2009

Hobart from Mt Wellington - 21 Sep 2009Had a good climb up Mount Wellington in good weather on Monday 21 Sep. A sunny day with cool breezes made for good climbing weather. There were patches of snow here and there, but the punters were having to walk a fair distance to find them.