Sunday, 26 April 2009

South Arm, Arm End - 25th April 2009

Seaweed, South Arm - 25th April 2009The weather this Anzac Day wasn't the most inviting, although when the sun was out it was quite nice. It didn't rain very heavily on South Arm while I was walking, but there were certainly some solid showers in Hobart during the day. This sea-level walk was good for a day when the western shore of the derwent looked like it was going to cop quite a lot of rain. See this earlier post for walk information.

Eroding rocks, Mary Ann Bay, South Arm - 25th April 2009The weathered rocks at the northern end of Mary Ann Bay continue to erode, the smaller hole has appeared right through the very thin rock since my last visit - it is not evident in the photographs from that last visit in June 2008. It isn't surprising, as this rock can be "eroded" with your fingernails.

Litter, Don't Waste Hobart, South Arm - 25th April 2009There's quite a bit of litter on the beaches here, including this "Don't Waste Hobart" sign, which obviously wasn't fastened tightly enough to wherever it was originally displayed.

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Mt Wellington Plateau - 13th April 2009

Dolerite tors on Mt Wellington summit plateau - 13th April 2009Isaac wanted to wear his walking boots in a little more before he headed off on Grade 10 Outdoor Ed, so we headed to the top of Mt Wellington. Nice sunny day with occasional cold winds. The plateau is good for some photography, and the views were pretty good. We walked across and down to South Wellington from the summit, and climbed onto the pinnacles there, where a good view is had of the Leslie Vale and Channel area to the south, as well as to Cathedral Rock and the Huon (below).

Cathedral Rock and Huonville from South Wellington - 13th April 2009From here Isaac decided he would walk down the Icehouse Track, a walk he hasn't done before, and I would collect the car from the summit and pick him up. No doubt, leaving him to walk on his own is outside of all good practice, but it was good for him to find his own way to The Springs. I think the decider for him was that a return to the summit involved some small amount of uphill walking. A nice easy day, and enjoyable walking.

Fungi from Myrtle Gully

Fungi, Myrtle Gully, Mt Wellington - 11th April 2009Some belated posts here. Myrtle Gully is always good for some fungi, and with wet weather at times recently, but not yet being too cold, it has certainly popped out all over the place. These photos were taken on Easter Saturday, 11th April 2009. The full set of photos is on Picasa.