Sunday, 13 October 2013

South Cape Bay- 5th October 2013

A windy day was forecast, with some possible showers. As it turned out, it was indeed windy at South Cape Bay, and it showered occasionally. Good day's walk though, generally sunny, with a few spring flowers out, and South Cape Bay looking very wild. The waves weren't huge, but the bay was a maelstrom, the sea streaked by the strong and gusty westerly wind.

New stone and timber steps have been built to the left of the coal cliffs. It will remain to be seen what happens to the large boulders that form the base of the steps, but I think they'll probably do better than the timber steps which have regularly been bashed around by the sea. It pays to realise that every boulder on the beach is either so large it fell off a cliff and sat where it was, or it has been placed where it is by the sea. This would be a dangerous place in a proper storm.

New steps from South Cape Bay onto the coal cliffs at the eastern end - 5th October 2013

South Cape visible across the windswept bay, South Cape Bay - 5th October 2013

South East Cape - 5th October 2013

South Cape Bay - 5th October 2013

South Cape Bay - 5th October 2013

The creek flowing strongly across the beach near Lion Rock, South Cape Bay - 5th October 2013

Lion Rock, South cape Bay - 5th October 2013