Sunday, 2 March 2008

Mt Wellington - 2 March 2008

View of Hobart and beyond from the Zigzag Track, Mt Wellington - 2nd March 2008Nice sunny autumn day today, and having a spare afternoon, I thought I'd go to Mt Wellington. Had a good walk to the pinnacle from The Springs. There were quite a lot of other people on the track, and round about, some of them a little weird! Never mind. There was a gentle cool breeze at the summit, just enough so if you'd sat in the breeze for long, you might have needed to cover up. I sat in the doorway of the rock shelter and glared at tourists who wanted to check it out, as is my wont. They can go and shelter in Doone's Folly.

Snow Berry, Gaultheria hispida, Mt Wellington - 2nd March 2008The Snow Berry (Gaultheria hispida) bushes are in full swing, making for a very attractive display.

Pink Mountain Berry, Cyathodes parvifolia, Mt Wellington - 2nd March 2008The Pink Mountain Berry (Cyathodes parvifolia) is also on display, and in places they are very attractively juxtaposed with the Snow Berry. Coming across this while looking for photos of particular plants, I need to note that this plant is now classified as Leptecophylla juniperina subsp. parvifolia. Its official common name (not sure why we go to these lengths) is the Mountain Pinkberry.

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