Monday, 24 March 2008

Nevada Peak - 24th March 2008

Nevada Peak across a small tarn on the Nevada Plateau - 24th March 2008Great birthday walk to Nevada Peak today. Sunny with a cool breeze for most of the way. Nevada Peak is probably the best walk in the Huon, yet it is undertaken by very few people. Partly this is because the Snowy Range is not promoted much any more. In addition, the start of the track is hidden up obscure logging roads and is unmarked. If anyone would like to walk this track, I can provide instructions via email, on the understanding that these will not be promulgated.

Nevada peak from the upper of the Snowdrift Tarns - 24th March 2008The alpine plateau at Nevada Peak is very fragile. In fact, it's hard to get there without damaging the vegetation. This walk is not promoted at all by the NPWS. I've let people know about it, but I don't explain to people how to get there unless they contact me. There are actually quite a lot of people who know where the walk is, but the details don't seem to be clearly publicly available. If the area received a lot of visitors it would either become badly degraded or would need some extensive duckboarding and other track works.

Snowy South from the track across the plateau to Nevada Peak - 24th March 2008The views of Snowy South from here are most spectacular, with the huge cliffs on its northwest side visible. The views across the upper of the Snowdrift Tarns is particularly good. In late autumn, the views north can be particularly attractive, with a lower sun lighting the hills and mountains very attractively. A walk further north to Wetpants Peak can be very rewarding at this time, but sufficient time must be left to complete the walk in daylight as winter approaches. The range is often covered in snow in winter.

Mt Anne view from Nevada Peak - 24th March 2008Many of Southwest Tasmania's peaks are visible from here, with Mt Anne and Mt Weld being very prominent across the valley.


Peter Franklin said...

On the day your photo of Mt Anne was taken I was there, probably taking a photo with Nevada Peak in the background.

Mark said...

I hope you will be posting your photos then. What time were you at the top? I could try blowing it wouldn't work. By the way, good job getting that blog name, I think you will be the central point for something in the future.