Sunday, 23 March 2008

South Cape Bay - 22nd March 2008

South Cape Bay - 22nd March 2008Very nice walk on Saturday to South Cape Bay. (Map here.) There didn't seem to be very many people doing the walk, but by the time I'd sat on the beach for a long while, and pottered about taking photographs, there had been a quite a number of groups of 5 or more people wander up the beach and back.

Eastern end of South Cape Bay, showing accumulated sand - 22nd March 2008The tide was a fair way out, and in addition, the sand has continued to collect at the eastern end of the beach. This made it easy to walk some distance back along the beach eastwards of the point where the steps come down, beneath the tumbledown black cliffs. Normally this is both very rocky and covered in water. I will try to put together a sequence of photos that show the changes.

Rock shelves adjacent to lion Rock, South Cape Bay - 22nd March 2008At the western end of the beach, the rocky shelves were uncovered and made an attractive foreground for photos of Lion Rock. A 28mm lens would have been useful for these shots, but my digital camera's minimum focal length on the zoom is 35mm (35mm equivalent) and is not quite enough. I've seen these reefs even further out of the water, so the tide wasn't at its lowest point.

South East Cape, from South Cape Bay - 22nd March 2008I must plan a trip to South East Cape sometime. The cape is made of dolerite, as is Lion Rock, however most of the rocks exposed at South Cape Bay are Triassic sedimentary rocks. This makes for an interesting variety of boulders and pebbles on the beach. This boulder echoes the shape of the cape quite effectively.

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