Saturday 15 December 2007

Mt Wellington - 15 December 2007

Weathered dolerite, Mt Wellington summit plateau - 15th Dec 2007Had a nice short walk on the summit plateau of Mt Wellington on Saturday. Sunny and breezy, with the breeze cold at times, and then dying right away so I sweltered inside the zipped-up fleece. Some good distant views though, and there are a variety of flowers out right now making the place a little brighter than normal. There are a set of large upright dolerite boulders that have a very interesting weathering pattern. I'm unclear why some of the boulder has weathered to the characteristic red colour, but large areas have a clear bluestone appearance. I'm assuming the weathered outer has split off, probably through ice action, but the bluestone underneath does not appear to be weathering. I'll have to read David Leaman's book again and see if it's explained.

Luckmans Hut, Mt Wellington - 15th Dec 2007Luckmans Hut is below the Pinnacle Road a little way before where the top end of the Panorama Track emerges. I think the Hobart Walking Club restored it a few years ago. Must be named after Leo and Jesse Luckman I suppose. Door closes well, looks like it leaks in the rain, because someone has rigged up a plastic sheet inside below what looks like a hole in the roof. Good fireplace, which would be very nice on a winter's day. I found this interesting page on Mt Wellington huts, and another here.

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