Sunday, 25 May 2008

Fungi Walk, Mt Wellington - 24th May 2008

South Arm and Frederick Henry Bay from Mt Wellington - 24th May 2008Had a wander around the lower Mt Wellington slopes on Saturday. Cool and damp day, but fine for photographing fungi. The light seemed very blue early on in the day. Later, the water of the estuary and bays around South Arm was glassy and a gentle haze softened the lines of the land. It was quite pretty, in a very Tasmanian way, and had a sort of silky, silvery quality about it.

Rockpool on Sphinx Rock (Triassic sandstone), Mt Wellington - 24th May 2008This is a tiny rock pool on Sphinx Rock, which is composed of Triassic sandstone. This sandstone underlies the dolerite that forms the visible bulk of the mountain including the Organ Pipes. Sphinx Rock, along the Lenah Valley Track, provides a good view, but has a large cliff requiring care and the control of children. Various other sandstone outcrops along this lower level of the mountin are interesting, including Rocky Whelans Cave and Crocodile Rock.

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