Thursday, 31 July 2008

Mt Wellington - 30th July 2008

Mt Picton and the Western Arthurs, and a fog-filled Huon Valley from Mt Wellington - 30th July 2008Had a good walk yesterday from Ferntree to the summit - good exercise, and it was a bright sunny day. The snow is still attractive, but has now receded above the Springs. In places it has been compressed and refrozen into ice, and is very slippery, but overall it wasn't too bad. The plateau was attractive, and the views were very good, with clear air providing good visibility to many of the surrounding peaks, all with their own cap of snow.

Northerly view from Mt Wellington, Mt Dromedary in centre distance - 30th July 2008The only dampener on the day was the large group of bogans who dropped litter up the Pinnacle and ZigZag Tracks. You would think it was reasonaby well understood that wrappers from chocolate bars and empty drink bottles need to be taken home for disposal, or at least to a bin somewhere.

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