Sunday, 4 January 2009

Crescent Bay - 3rd January 2009

Tasman Island and Cape Pillar from Crescent Bay - 3rd January 2009Had a walk to Crescent Bay yesterday. Some drizzle, some overcast, enough sun to get a little burnt. Had a nice snoozy sit on the beach. I noted that a lot of people access the beach via the private property behind the high dunes (Dick Smith's place is there) including some people walking three dogs on the beach. This was interesting to see inside a National Park!

Deceased dolphin, Crescent Bay - 3rd January 2009Interesting items included this dead dolphin on the beach.

Remarkable Cave - 3rd January 2009The Remarkable Cave viewing platform is open after some maintenance. Apparently some storm damage made it necessary to repair the platform, which seems to have new railings. Anyway, it also sported a rather pungent odour, which on investigation turned out to be from a very decomposed seal carcase tucked under the large boulder beneath the platform.

Maingon Blowhole - 3rd January 2009The coastal heath is still attractive with various flowers on display. I'll add some to the Cresent Bay Flora post. The sun was in the right place to illuminate the depths of the Maingon Blowhole yesterday. It remains a dangerous-looking place.


Denis Wilson said...

Shame about the dead creatures there. Perhaps some wild weather?
Lets assume they died naturally, not beaten to death (or shot) by fishermen.
Stunning crevasse.

Peter Franklin said...

Hi Mark

It has been a few weeks since your last update, I was beginning to wonder where you were.

Mark said...

Peter: yes, been working. Far too much. I work for a government that has been confronting a few global issues...Cheers!

Denis: Couldn't say really. Sad to see them dead, and if they die, I suppose I'd prefer it if something in the sea ate them, rather than they washed up to decompose. The dead seal was probably flung through the cave - there was storm damage here a while ago. It looked like the small (football to big pumpkin-sized) boulders had been flung around the back end of the sea cave, and I suspect these (and maybe just the waves?) had damaged the viewing platform. I don't suppose a seal stood much chance in seas that flung boulders around. Maybe someone in Parks & Wildlife knows what happened.