Sunday, 26 April 2009

South Arm, Arm End - 25th April 2009

Seaweed, South Arm - 25th April 2009The weather this Anzac Day wasn't the most inviting, although when the sun was out it was quite nice. It didn't rain very heavily on South Arm while I was walking, but there were certainly some solid showers in Hobart during the day. This sea-level walk was good for a day when the western shore of the derwent looked like it was going to cop quite a lot of rain. See this earlier post for walk information.

Eroding rocks, Mary Ann Bay, South Arm - 25th April 2009The weathered rocks at the northern end of Mary Ann Bay continue to erode, the smaller hole has appeared right through the very thin rock since my last visit - it is not evident in the photographs from that last visit in June 2008. It isn't surprising, as this rock can be "eroded" with your fingernails.

Litter, Don't Waste Hobart, South Arm - 25th April 2009There's quite a bit of litter on the beaches here, including this "Don't Waste Hobart" sign, which obviously wasn't fastened tightly enough to wherever it was originally displayed.

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