Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Ugly Ducklings - Part 5

The next day I passed by in mid-morning. The family were swimming about together, but the injured cygnet was being monstered by the others. He seemed to be moving better, but still not well. Looked like the leg was permanently damaged. In early evening I got some closer shots. His leg looked better than it had when the fishing line was wrapped around it, but he still draped it, and it didn't seem to be of use.

A little later he had been left on his own. The rest of the family had disappeared, across or down-river perhaps. This little fellow was swimming about haphazardly - seemed to be looking for the others. He swam across the river, then back, and then across again. All this in a stiff breeze, across the current, and with one leg. He must use a lot more energy than if he had both legs working. Seeing this, I again assumed he wasn't going to make it. When I left he was on the far side of the river in the gathering gloom.

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