Monday, 15 February 2010

Water Quality should sink this government

Shocking and occasionally hilarious program on Australian Story tonight. How a government becomes so beholden to vested interests that it refuses to even try to look after the people who elect it, own it and should be protected by it. Dr Alison Bleaney was profiled, along with her story of the contamination of water in the Georges River in NE Tasmania. we can hope the transcript isn't far behind. Amongst others presented as speaking for the Tasmanian "government" were Steve Kons and Bryan Green, showing a (for me) hilarious contrast in credibility with Dr Bleaney and her partner-in-subversion, Dr Marcus Scammell. Another episode to come next week apparently. Just like Dr Who! The Master has replaced all the inhabitants of Earth with himself, creating the Master Race. If only little Davey Bartlett had a machine like him....

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Anonymous said...

Mark, I saw this program. Not only are the oysters, old folks and devils getting sick, but it made me feel sick as well - and I live in Perth, W.A.

I just can't get over the sheer bloody arrogance of the Tas government, which is supposed to protect the environment and the people of Tasmania.

And how dare they try to belittle the doctor and her associates? It would be a different story if the children of the "authorities" were to fall ill, wouldn't it!!!

I say more power to Dr Bleaney and Dr Scammel. If you happen to know either of them, please pass on my best wishes and thanks for their efforts.

John Oliver