Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Scooter update 3

Scooter is still floating and flapping. He's got a few functional and health challenges, but looking at his wing-flapping, see below, maybe he'll make a go of it. Landing might be even worse than trying to fly if he ever gets of the water...
His foot is badly damaged, and you can see the deterioration here. I suppose it might just fall off sometime. At the bottom, one of his parents shows us just how serious it is being responsible for six children, including one with a disability and a poor attitude.

Scooter standing on one leg
Scooter showing his growing wings
Scooter's damaged left leg
Scooter's damaged left foot now has an actual hole in it
Adult swan looking serious


Marnie said...

Wow, fantastic shots as usual! I've been cheering Scooter on from Toronto, Canada. Thanks for the updates.

Lulu said...

Love that last shot.

Mark said...

Thnaks folks.

Denis Wilson said...

G;llad that Scooter is defying the odds.
Love the last image. Perfectly framed.
And nicely worked into the story.