Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Hartz Peak - 5th April 2010

Mountain Rocket, Bellendena montana, Hartz Mountains - 5th April 2010Had a cool walk to Hartz Peak over Easter. The Mountain Rocket (Bellendena montana) had entered its red fruit phase.

Hartz Peak in mist - 5th April 2010The mountain tops were mainly shrouded in cloud, but it did have some gaps which provided some views to the Picton Valley, Mount Picton and even Precipitous Bluff and the Ironbounds very briefly.

Lichen on dolerite, Hartz Mountains - 5th April 2010The lack of views at any great distance meant I tended to look more downwards for photography subjects. Here is some lichen on dolerite.

Forestry burn in Huon/Picton area, 5th April 2010The later afternoon was de-hanced by several of those now notorious Easter Forestry burns. These burns resulted in days of smoke pollution hanging around the Huon Valley from Mountain River to Southport. Idiots!

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