Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Haywoods Track, Mount Wellington - 7th August 2010

Red paint marks show the way up Haywoods Track, Mount Wellington - 7th August 2010I've done this track a few times, but never been sure what its name was. If you don't know where the track is it's easy to walk past it without noticing. Peter Franklin has put it up on sharemyroutes, but I only found this out after I'd deliberately taken my new GPS up it so I could plot it on the map. This was also where I found out what the track's name is.

Northerly view to Mount Dromedary and beyond from Mount Wellington - 7th August 2010Anyway, if you walk along the Organ Pipes Track from the chalet towards The Springs, after a few minutes walk there is a track off to the right. It's marked vaguely with some sort-of piled rocks next to a tree. A red mark on a rock is just visible if you look in the right place. The track heads across boulders and then climbs quite steeply and roughly up the hill to near the pinnacle, emerging next to the visitor shelter with the skate ramp for a roof. From there you can take any route back down which takes your fancy.

Paraglider sails off into the Hobart sky from near the Mount Wellington summit - 7th August 2010This paraglider seemed quite brave, launching across a big boulder field with some initial hesitations, but then swinging out to disappear beyond the Organ Pipes. Didn't see them again after that, but it looked like quite a ride.

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