Sunday, 19 September 2010

Cape Hauy - 18th September 2010

This walk was supposed to be up Mount Wellington, and six of us turned up. By popular choice, we decided to avoid the forecast showers, and overcrowding by Hobartians wanting to play in the snow, and head for the peninsula. The walk was a little moist at times - on the return we had some actual soaking rain - but I found it enjoyable. The views were improved by occasional bursts of sunshine, dramatic mist and squalls, and quite wild seas generated by the "Australia-Sized" storm which has passed by and is now ravaging New Zealand. More photos at Picasa.

The Lanterns and The Candlestick from near the end of Cape Hauy, Hippolyte Rock beyond - 18th September 2010
The Monument - 18th September 2010

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