Saturday, 20 November 2010

Cape Raoul - 20th November 2010

The crew wanted another walk, probably to make up for the rainy walk to Cape Hauy. That one where we went in search of somewhere less wet than Mount Wellington, but we might have found somewhere even wetter. Anyway, that sorted the men from the boys, or at least the men from the whingers.

Cape Raoul from the 400+m Mount Raoul Lookout - 20th November 2010

Cape Raoul is a terrific walk, with superb cliff views. The best is probably from the 400m-high point just before reaching the top of Mount Raoul. The sea is so far away.

Cape Raoul and the seal colony from the left-fork lookout - 20th November 2010

Just to note, at the end of Cape Raoul, you need to go to both lookouts, so take bothe left and right fork. The track comes to a very sudden and precipitous end along the left fork. (It's not much better along the right fork, but you'd have to work harder at falling off accidentally.) If you take children here, make sure they're either with you or sensible enough to self-preserve.


Le Loup said...

Great looking place.

Mark said...

The tall cliff lookout is nearly 400m above the sea. Not vertical, but very airy.