Sunday, 19 December 2010

Canoe Bay - 19th December 2010

Had a short walk around the coast to Canoe Bay. The dead seal at the northern end of Fortescue Bay beach was extremely pongy. Care is required on this walk to avoid nettles. I didn't. There was also a small child who had probably touched one. Very painful things.

Dead seal, Fortescue Bay - 19th December 2010
Stinging nettle, Canoe Bay Track - 19th December 2010
Kelp, Fortescue bay - 19th December 2010


Le Loup said...

Bummer about the seal, I wonder why it died.

Mark said...

I think they believe most of the ones that get washed up were sick, but some must also end up in unequal fights with people hose fish they are eating.