Saturday, 17 March 2012

Cape Hauy - 12th February 2012

Had a nice walk, at this well-trodden location. With the Three Capes Walk in the news recently I thought it was worth a trip to see how the grandiose track work was progressing. See next blog post for some info. Anyway, it was a nice day, sun, blue sky, fluffy white clouds, gentle breezes.

Cape Hauy, The Lanterns and The Candlestick in the distance from the Pirates Bay Lookout - 12th February 2012
The Monument - 12th February 2012
Huge sliver of dolerite split off the cliffs near Cape Hauy - 12th February 2012

Cape Pillar from Cape Hauy - 12th February 2012

Scribbly Bug Tracks, Gum Tree, Cape Hauy Track - 12th February 2012

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