Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Knocklofty Summit Loop - 29th May 2012

Rounding out this current short series of walks close to Hobart, is this nice walk accessible from the top of Forest Road. I'll have a few more close-to-town walks shortly, to be put into a Hobart Walks website. In the meantime, there are a small maze of tracks and pads on Knocklofty that seem worthy of exploration.

The summit loop is well marked, and can be started and finished either from the upper carpark or the walking track entrance to Knocklofty located by the turning circle at the top of Forest Road. Make sure you don't get locked inside the carpark, and if in doubt just park at the top of Forest Road and take the extra 15 minutes' walk to return from this point. Walk up the hill from the lower entrance, until you emerge next to the upper carpark. From here walk around to the right, past the open area with benches and tables and a good view of Hobart, and on, to fork left and up the hill. A few minutes later turn left and more steeply uphill, and follow the 4WD track as it climbs steeply under the electricity wires and on up the hill.

The loop is well marked on posts, but you will turn right across the top of the hill, then left and right again to go back under the wires pretty much at the summit. There are views here to the northern suburbs and hills. The track then descends and becomes a narrow walking track through very pleasant bush, zigzagging down the hill, then heading more directly around the hill back towards the start. You emerge on 4WD tracks near the Frog Ponds, and follow the main track back around the hill to where you forked off uphill earlier.

There are various other tracks you can explore, and it is tricky to get lost, although I caution that just behind here I once missed a turn and ended up at Pottery Road, Lenah Valley rather than climbing the back of Knocklofty - among the trees sometimes it's hard to tell exact direction. I estimate this walk at just under an hour without deviation or stopping to look at the view.

Hobart from the Knocklofty Lookout - 29th May 2012

Sunset clouds from the Knocklofty summit - 29th May 2012

The open forest near Knocklofty summit - 29th May 2012

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