Saturday, 23 March 2013

Kia-Ora and Pelion Plains Photos

I had some opportunities for late afternoon and evening photography at Kia Ora and Pelion. I was surprised by the way so many people sat inside the hut while the sun set and lit up the landscape. Must have been tired! The photos are taken over three nights.

Cathedral Mountain from Kia Ora. The highest point is Twin Spires, visible to the far left of the picture.

The Du Cane Range behind Kia Ora Hut, Castle Crag to the left.

Mount Pillinger from Kia Ora. Mount Pillinger sits above the upper Mersey Valley north of Kia Ora.

Mount Pelion West is an imposing site from near Pelion Hut. You have to walk a little way towards Mount Oakleigh to get this view across the plains.

Mount Oakleigh as sunset nears. The shadow on the slopes between the sunlit trees and cliffs is the shadow of Mount Pelion West gradually extending across the whole mountain.

Barn Bluff is visible from Pelion. here a lenticular cloud has formed around its summit just as the sun has set.

Mount Pelion West.

Last light on Mount Oakleigh.

The sun has set and night falls on Mount Pelion West.

Stitched panorama of Mount Oakleigh. The full size version of this has a LOT of detail!

Mount Pelion West and Mount Oakleigh from Pelion Plains. Some learning required with panoramas - I really did need to continue further to the sides of this, given that I was taking in heaps of sky. Obviously I need to go back.

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