Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mount Pillinger 360 Panorama

Had a lovely day to climb Mount Pillinger in February. Stitching the panorama together probably took almost as long as walking the track. Not sure why, but it came out quite (or very) strangely in every piece of panorama software I currently have, using every option I could find. I finally got it to work OK in Microsoft ICE on about the third attempt by omitting one photo where there was enough overlap to miss one. Sorry for the slight waviness, it was handheld. I got one version which was straighter, but it had weird kinks in the horizon and bands where it couldn't sort out the joins! This is especially for Peter McHugh, who found this an inspiring view as a teenager.

Larger version (about 1MB). Zoom in on it, it's 800 pixels high.

360 degree panorama from the summit of Mount Pillinger - well worth the climb
Walk report here.


Chris Wilson said...

Oh wow, how fabulous!

Chris Wilson said...

Oh Wow, how fabulous!

Mark said...

Glad you like it Chris!