Saturday, 25 January 2014

Cape Hauy - 27th December 2013

Had a nice walk to Cape Hauy after Christmas. At least they haven't yet put the railings up at the end. Here's hoping they decide not to.

The Candlestick and Totem Pole sit between Cape Hauy (right) and The Lanterns on the left. This
view is from a Pennicott's Tasman Island Cruise Boat, and is from the north. The track ends at the
highpoint on the right, although a very steep, scrambly (and dodgy) route allows you to descend down the north
side of the cape towards the camera here.

Banksia marginata, Silver Banksia or Honeysuckle
On the Cape Hauy Track.

White Flag-Iris, Diplarrena moraea
On the Cape Hauy Track.

Cape Pillar across Munro Bight from near Cape Hauy.

Cape Pillar across Munro Bight from near Cape Hauy, The Blade and Tasman Island lighthouse easily visible.

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Arija said...

My daughter just found your blog and alerted me. Such wonderful nature photos! Please do keep blogging, I am adding your blog to my favourites list and hope to see more posts soon.