Monday, 22 December 2014

Lake Helios Panorama - North to Mount Ossa

Lots more to come, including some Labyrinth photos, but here's a big panorama looking north from Lake Helios to Mount Ossa. I think this view is superb. The valley drops away precipitously below you, and the Mount Ossa massif rises beyond. This was a little while before sunset after rainy weather boycotted my mountain climbing plans.

From the left, we can see Barn Bluff in the far distance behind the Thetis/Paddys Nut saddle, Paddys Nut, Mount Ossa and all its "bits", Mount Pelion East (pointy), and Mount Pillinger with what I think is probably Western Bluff behind it, although I'm going to have to get a map out and will stand corrected. On the right is Mount Massif, part of the Du Cane Range. Very privileged to be able to sit and look at this.

My previous trip there in 2002 provided great sunrise photos, on film, some of which are here.

View north from Lake Helios, Cradle Mt - Lake St Clair NP - 17th December 2014

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