Sunday, 28 January 2007

Battery Point foreshore - 27th January 2007

Mmmm, it's not really a BUSHwalk. But it was a walk, although quite a short one. You can start at the CSIRO laboratories, and just walk around the shore. There are quite a few small and large jetties/boatramps which are quite easy to negotiate. One is a little more imposing, and still under construction, but easy to walk over. Then, after a while you get to the scene at left. The owner of this property seems to have put a lot of effort into blocking access along the shore. We decided to stop at this point, as no doubt we'd have been trespassing unless we waded. We were probably trespassing before this at some point too. At least the trespassing problem will go away. Also, this article from Margaretta Pos is interesting.

I'm interested in the links between the Battery Point story and the general political landscape. Apart from the obvious characters involved, there's also the fact that somewhere in the past, some incompetent (or worse) in government service managed to give title to low-water to two property owners in Battery Point. Error or gift?

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