Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Mt Wellington - 30 & 31 Jan 2007 - the mountain bike ISSUE

The Radford Memorial, Radfords Track, Mt Wellington - 30 Jan 2007
So where are mountain bikes allowed to be ridden on Mt Wellington? And how fast do we expect them to travel on shared tracks? And is it policed? And what are the sanctions for misuse?
The worst track for this on Mt Wellington appears to be Radfords Track, between Ferntree and The Springs. It's a shared track, so bikes can use it. Too often though, they hurtle down it like some single-track raceway. Well fellas, it ain't! It's a track with corners you can't see round, and people walking slowly uphill who can't hear you coming.
So the total idiots who hurtled down there Tuesday evening need to acquaint themselves with both the rules and some common sense. If you hit a child or an elderly person at the speed you were doing, you could kill them. That'd wipe the self-satisfied smirk off your face. I got your number mate. When passing walkers, slow down to their pace!!
I wonder if there's any internal pressure amongst mountain-bike riders to curtail the worst excesses? There had better be, otherwise I have a mind to start a campaign to have them barred from all non-vehicular tracks. They just can't be trusted to ride with a modicum of common sense.
Skidmark on Fern Glade Track - 30 Jan 2007And since when was the Fern Glade Track open to bikes. No fellas, it ain't. One of your clever-trousered mates might have scratched the little icon off the sign, but you can all read the bike map can't you. Or are you all totally thick? Mmmm.. So the bike rider who made these rather obvious skids down the length of the Fern Glade Track on Tuesday could please keep to tracks where bikes are allowed. (Hint: Get a map donkey! 773kb) And stop tearing up our walking tracks please.

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