Monday, 22 January 2007

Mt Wellington - 22 January 2007

I had a brief walk early this morning. The rain had stopped, after the downpour on Sunday. Glenorchy got 96mm or something! Walked up the Fern Glade track towards the Springs. Had to get to work afterwards, so I didn't go all the way to the Springs. Disturbed a wallaby and a kookaburra. Very pleasant walk as the sun comes up.
Sue Neales had an interesting opinion piece in the Mercury on Saturday canvassing the possibility that there's some sort of conspiracy going on around the pulp mill. Sue doesn't think Mr Gay and Mr Lennon have conspired. No, probably not. It is rumoured however that Gunns really only want to acquire the right to chip more timber. Maybe there's no conspiracy, just Gunns playing a double game so they win even if they lose. That would make financial sense for them, wouldn't it? So look out for the point at which the government commits the timber, and then if the mill doesn't get up, watch Gunns demand to retain those rights even if they're going to export it all as chips, not pulp! (No conspiracy would mean that Mr Lennon hasn't been let in on this! - Do you think he'll be p___d if it's true?)

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