Sunday, 7 January 2007

The predictable response on Wielangta (and some stuff about the pulpmill)

So, having been caught out breaking the law, Paul Lennon and Erica Betts apologised and agreed that their governments would urgently seek to work together to correct the situation. Yes, right, in which delusion?? No dummy, they're going to work together to change the law they've been breaking! It's easier than appealing. Why? Because their case was so appalling, and opened up so many avenues for criticism of their moral and political approach, let alone their actual adherence to the letter of the law, that they really don't want to go there again.
But Erica's overstating the issue, of course, as expected. Basically, Forestry Tasmania has thought itself to be exempt from the requirements of the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC Act), but the judge found that they weren't. This is because they were still supposed to look after threatened species, even though covered by the RFA, which does provide for some exemption. Really Erica, the judgment doesn't say that developers absolutely have to enhance the chances for threatened species, it says that they should at least not harm them. Which seems perfectly reasonable doesn't it? And quite frankly, why shouldn't a government agency, acting on behalf of taxpayers, actually enhance the chances that our threatened species might survive?? This is the Wedge-Tailed Eagle we're talking about here.
And on the pulpmill, just read this scathing assessment, and the follow-up. Methinks we're all in a lot of trouble! And just note that our problems have been noticed across the country, and the world. Isn't it nice to know our politicians' credibility (or if it's been removed, see the google cache, or even have a look at the google search!!!) is held in such high esteem elsewhere!

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