Sunday, 1 July 2007

Mt Wellington - 30th June 2007

Changeable weather on Mt Wellington yesterday. I had a walk on the lower slopes, first up to the Springs and then back down to the Waterworks from Ferntree. Very cold wind blowing and a bit drizzly at times higher up. The sun was lovely later on, but the view from the Pipeline Track was of the mountain wreathed in misty rain. The BoM website shows the actual temperature never above freezing. The apparent summit temperature at 2:30pm was -12.8 degrees.

I noted that the pushbike riders continue to hurtle down shared tracks. This is despite the numerous signs reminding them to slow down (to walking pace) when they pass walkers. There are a lot of children and older people who would be very badly injured if one of these idiots connected with them. One passed me in the air a few months ago. I may have used the vernacular to remonstrate with him.

The aqueducts along the Pipeline Track are interesting. I noticed earlier that the shop had a map/brochure about the water supply infrastructure, and I must grab one sometime. The book I have, "The Early Water Supply Of Hobart" (Crawford and Ryan) says these aqueducts were completed in the 1880s, the larger one in 1881, to supply the newly built Upper Reservoir.

From a fungi point of view, the most interesting ones were these puffballs, a little way up the Fern Glade Track. I found the same ones quite high on the Mountain River Track in May. I haven't been able to identify them - unless they are a later form of Lycoperdon pyriforme which I found, clearly indentifiable, on the South Cape Bay Track. There are similarities, but neither these ones nor the ones on the Mountain River Track appeared to have the pimples lower down. I may have to return to get better photos.

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