Sunday, 30 September 2007

Tahune Swinging Bridges - 30th September 2007

Huon swinging bridge at Tahune - obviously swinging, during a thunderstorm - 30 Sep 2007Quick trip down to Tahune this afternoon to see the rivers in flood from the suspension bridges. Quite impressive, although the water has fallen since the peak of the flood this morning. I don't think the flood even got across the Esplanade in Huonville today, but the river at Huonville was still quite impressive. This photo is terrible, obviously I was moving too much! There was a thunderstorm happening at the time too. The Picton bridge had a bout 4m of clear space above the water, but the Huon bridge was only about 2m above the surface. I wonder how these bridges will go in the event of a really big flood, and if a large tree comes down the river. Could well catch on the bridge and carry it away. This of course has happened to every other bridge across these rivers out here. There used to be one across the Picton just a couple of hundred metres further up than this one.

Picton Bridge on Riveaux Rd, flood debris in foreground - 30 Sep 2007Meanwhile, around at the concrete Picton Bridge just around the hill, the water was flowing strongly. There was a lot of debris 2m above the water level, close to the height of the underside of the bridge. You can see it in the foreground of this shot.

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