Friday, 12 October 2007

Esperance and Adamsons

Had a nice few days with Calvin Grade 6 at Far South Wilderness Camp, along Narrows Rd past Dover. I remember going to this camp when I was in Grade 10. I think it rained most of the time we were there in 1979, and fined up on the last morning. The Bureau of Meteorology predicted rain for Thursday and Friday this week, but it basically didn't happen. Got some rain today, but that didn't set in firmly until the early afternoon. It rained heavily as we approached the Arve River picnic spot, stopped conveniently while we had a walk, and then rained again as we left Lovely colours and atmosphere on the Esperance river on Thursday morning made for some nice shots, and here's the first quick one.

If you get to go out in the longboat from Far South, you get some interesting views from the river. Adamsons Peak becomes very visible, and it makes an impressive sight just now with the snow on it. In this view, you can just see the small pinnacle that you pass on the way to the top of Adamsons, as a separate and similarly-shaped peak to the right of the actual peak. The Calf appears like this, behind Adamsons Peak, but from more northerly vantage points around Dover. You can just see The Calf to the left of the peak from here.

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