Saturday, 13 October 2007

Mt Wellington lower slopes - 13 October 2007

Had a short walk on Mt Wellington today. The weather was a little threatening, but the rain held off mainly.

Rocky Whelans Cave, Mt Wellington - 13 October 2007Rocky Whelan's cave is a popular destination for families, and lies just a few minutes from the Radford monument, above Ferntree.This sandstone overhang and "cave" is reputed to be wehere Rocky Whelan, a bushranger, hid out in between forays. More careful investigation suggests that he probably hid elsewhere. However it's interesting to see this rather paltry shelter, and imagine a group of criminals huddling here to avoid the rain. Unfortunately the rock has been quite extensively defaced by grafitti over a long period of time.

O'Gradys Falls, Mt Wellington - 13 October 2007O'Gradys Falls are worth a look when there's any decent flow of water. From Rocky Whelan's cave the track heads down steeply to the Pinnacle Road. Woods Track continues downwards directly across the road, and after a few minutes reaches an intersection. A few minutes along the left turn O'Gradys Falls are found. They were attractive today with a moderate flow.

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