Saturday, 5 January 2008

Lost World - 5 January 2008

Cliffs of Lost World - 5 Jan 2008Went to Lost World in November, and it rained. (Map here.) Couldn't even see the cliffs that day. Went again yesterday, and there were much better views, although it was very warm. The track is much easier to follow when there isn't a thick clag, and it's much more obvious exactly where you are. The last time I couldn't even tell where the cliffs were, so had no reference to suggest how far down the hill to walk before trying to head right into Lost World. When it's clear there are a number of good vantage points where you can look down and see both the cliffs and the jumble of boulders.

Cave beneath large boulders in the centre of Lost World - 5 Jan 2008I went for a wander, and found a lovely cool, deep cave, but couldn't see enough to continue exploring. Anyway, it was a nice relief from the heat. Obviously, you need to take a torch to explore beneath the boulders. Apparently there is a maze of tunnels beneath the boulders, and it is possible to get lost. It also looked like it was possible to falll down a hole which was deeper than you might have expected.

Climber at Lost World, possibly on 'Stone the Crows' - 5 Jan 2008There were some climbers having a go, which was interesting to watch. I'm trying to work out from the climbing guide which climb they were on. Could have been "Stone the Crows". There is a gully directly behind where they were climbing, which I think is the one the climbing guide says is "NOT recommended".

Fallen dolerite columns at Lost World - 5 Jan 2008The laid-down columns of dolerite here are really quite spectacular. They are quite chaotic, and when you get beneath them you can see how they are lying higgledy-piggledy across each other, leaving both gaping chasms and deep narrow slots. Some care is required in moving around, but it's not too difficult. There are a couple of quite large drops into black holes, partially obscured by vegetation. If you took children here, they might need to be watched.

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