Saturday, 17 November 2007

Lost World - 17 November 2007

View from within a dolerite overhang at Lost World, Mt Wellington - 17 Nov 2007Walked down to Lost World on Mt Wellington (Map here) in the rain today. I've never been there before. I did expect it to be a bit of a challenge, and it was, especially in the wet. It was quite clear at Big Bend, but the clouds were sitting just below Mt Arthur. It started to drizzle, and then settled in to light but soaking rain. The walk is steep and bouldery, and it is not at all easy to work out where to go in places. There are a couple of points at which you can turn south from the track and head into the Lost World, but I'm not sure which is more correct or easier, probably you can go wherever you like, as long as you can get there safely. In the mist it was difficult to get a clear sense of the geography, so a return in clear weather would be indicated.

There's a climbing guide to the area here, which may also provide some better explanations about the easiest way to access Lost World for us non-climbers.

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