Sunday, 1 June 2008

North West Bay River Fungus - 31st May 2008

Leotia lubrica: From Fuhrer (2005) - Fruit bodies to 50mm high with viscid stems. The fertile heads are roughly globose, or sometimes irregular...grows singly or in small colonies amongst leaf litter in wet forest and rainforest.

Chlorociboria sp.

Heterotextus sp. probably H. peziziformis, possibly H. miltinus.


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Mark
Nice Fungi. The 9th (3rd last) one looks like a Russula to me. Not much help on the others, sorry

Mark said...

Difficult this, thanks for helping. Takes ages to thumb through the books, only to find that there isn't one just like the one you photographed. Anyway, I think you're right, another Russula, possibly R. lenkunya again. There's also R. clelandii, but I only have this fairly rough photo to go on so far.