Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Mt Wellington - 9th September 2009

Slopes of Mt Wellington from Sphinx Rock - 9th September 2009Another rainy day. Had a nice walk on the lower western slopes of Mt Wellington though. In the end the worst I got was drizzle. There are plenty of tracks low down that can be walked in almost any weather.

Hakea lissopserma, the Needle Bush, Lenah Valley Track, Mt Wellington - 9th September 2009Some of the plants are starting to flower in recognition of the arrival of "Spring". Wasn't very obvious there last week, although it hasn't been very cold. This is Hakea lissosperma, known as the Needle Bush. One book says it flowers in late Spring (October to December in another book), and is one of the earliest flowers in the subalpine area.

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