Sunday, 6 September 2009

South Cape Bay - 2nd September 2009

Lion Rock at South Cape Bay - 2nd September 2009Had a very good walk to South Cape Bay. The weather has been pretty ordinary, and this Wednesday was forecast as fine. Indeed it was, and the sun shone much of the day, with only gentle (if cool) breezes throughout. There has obviously been some rough weather out on our South Coast, and the long swells were sweeping a significant depth of beach when I was there. The surf was quite spectacular at times, with huge barrels forming perfectly along the kilometre and more from Lion Rock to beyond the cliffs where the track emerges. Nobody was there surfing.

South East Cape from clifftop, South Cape Bay - 2nd September 2009The beach is currently graced with a large dead seal, which I could only partially smell due to the cold I was coming down with. Overall, the beach was looking quite wild last week, and the good weather made a visit worthwhile.

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